Boxing Match Drawing, Second Batch, Drawing 3

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I had a previous sketchbook of six drawings of boxers by this unknown amateur artist, which sold out quickly, so I went back to the source and purchased the other set of them he had. I really love the honesty and directness of these, and the lack of contextualizing details, such it is all about the expressions and gestures of the two fighters, and the tension between them, only amplified by the color and attention paid to their gloves and shorts. I find them poignant, intimate and very human.

The initials on the shorts of the the boxer at right in this one is enough to figure out that he is George Foreman, world heavyweight champion and Olympic gold medalist--before he became known for his grill!  I am not sure about the other boxer. Paper size is 12" x 18". Very good condition (with a bit of remnant of the sketchbook glue along the top edge, which can be peeled off with a little effort).  Blank back. C. 1980s I would think. Shipped flat.