Box of Antique Hand-carved Miniature Columns/Balustrades (For Dollhouse that Never Was?)

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I presume these were made as columns or balustrades for a large and elaborate dollhouse or architectural model of some sort, but appear never to have been put to use, and they feel now rather like antique building blocks with which might might construct all sorts of different things. There were clearly made by hand, with plenty of variation among them and graphite cut marks still on them, and surely have 100 years on them at least. 34 of them total, in the wooden crate I found them in. They will not quite stand up as columns on their own, but the ends are flush and square.

Columns measure approx 5 1/16" t x 3/8" w and d. Box: 6" x 4 1/8" x 2 1/8". All in good shape with nice dry wood patina.  34 pieces total.