Bootsey! Old Match Stick and Inlay Tramp Art Box with Head, Hearts, and Photos Inside

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Quite a patina on this one, and quite a lot of charms packed into it, outside and in...and how ever to resist a box made by, or for, a Bootsey, especially when spelled out in matchsticks?! Inlaid silhouette of a woman's head on top, pair of hearts facing front, and all sorts of other decoration executed in matchsticks, other inlaid bits of wood, and and what look to be some seeds mixed in for texture, too.  On the interior, a built out photo frame on the lid, decorated with hand-painted flowers, and holding the photos of two sweetly smiling children (including Sandy sending love to Daddy.) So much joy for me in finding objects as invested with the presence of their maker as this one.

12" x 7 1/8" x 6 1/8" tall. Plenty used and worn, with a small loss at the front left corner, as documented, and general wear, which feels much to the good to me in this case. Sturdy and sound.