Bone and Ebony Dominoes with Brass Spinners - Complete Double Six Set

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I believe dominoes rivals cribbage as the perfect cocktail hour game, and all the more enjoyable when played with beautiful antique bone and ebony dominoes, which definitely give the game added weight, and are a treat to hold and to lay down. The brass spinners at their centers make for even more fun, and these spin brilliantly--perfect for breaking the concentration of your opponent(s)! I'd argue old bone dominoes like these make the perfect gift for a host--right there to play if you start to drive each other crazy, and also just special objects should it turn out said host is not an avid game player. 

This is a complete double six set, which I've thrown into a slide-top box that is larger than needed but works fine, and could handily accommodate a little note pad and pencil for keeping score. 

Dominoes measure 1 5/8" x 3/4" x 1/4". Box is 6 1/8" l x 3 1/4" w x 2 1/4" t. Wear,  a few hairline cracks in the bone, and plenty of irregularity to the dominoes as pictured, but no significant damage to any of them and I sure think they are lovely.