Bohemia Glass Czechoslovakia Tall Black and White Enameled Modernist Vase

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This vintage Bohemian glass vase, circa late 1960s, is super striking and it reminds me a lot of the enamelware of Catherine Holm. The vessel itself is a very thin/light black glass, which has been painted with black and white enamel. I believe every other facet on the long sides of the vase is exposed glass that has been frosted, while the alternating, shiny facets are enamel. The vase still bears its original gold foil sticker reading "Bohemia Glass Made in Czechoslovakia", which from what I understand was the generic sticker for glass made in Czechoslovakia. It feels pretty iconic to me, but I have looked and looked but not been able to find another vase like this!

This vase is in good vintage condition, with some light scratching to the surface of the glass and enamel. Approximately 11" tall x 4" in diameter; 1 3/4" across at opening.