Boaters on River Near Benton Rock, Small Oil on Board Landscape

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I seem to be a magnet for old folky American river landscapes lately, and specifically ones with a couple of boaters making their way down the river; I keep finding them--but I think it is rather that they are a magnet for me, as I've really fallen in love with the genre. On the back of this small, very sweet one is written "Benton Rock" which has confused rather than helped me as there are a number of different Benton rivers and brooks and craggs, but no definitive Benton Rock that I've been able to pin it to, though I'd think out west. At any rate, I love how hushed this scene feels, protected by tall pines on all sides and "Benton Rock" behind, and then especially the specificity of these two boaters, with their broad-brimmed hats and the bare legs of the wading figure at left, pushing off I assume.   

Second half of the 19th century I'd think. There are a few old stains of the upper half of the painting--I believe black ink--which are indeed noticeable, as the photos show. Otherwise, good condition  with wear to the board along the bottom and top edge and on reverse side.  8" t x 5 5/8" w x x 1/8"d.