Blue Brown Mid-Century Stoneware Pottery Pitcher

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I'm a huge fan of the pitcher as a form (plus a pretty pitcher can always double as a vase), and to my eye this stoneware pitcher is about as lovely as they come. Beautifully thrown, with a perfectly formed slab handle, terrific checkerboard texture around its upper half, and nuanced blue glazing through which the brown clay body shows, it really elevates anything you might put in it, and near it! Nice and weighty, it feels terrific in the hand, too. Though unmarked, my guess is that it is West German, though perhaps Scandanavian, and almost certainly mid-century. Really, really nice.

6" tall x 6" wide with handle, 4 3/4" deep. 3" across at foot. Excellent condition; no flaws whatsoever that I can see.