Blue and Silver Snake French Folk Art Painting on Wood

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All that I know for sure about this fabulous old snake painting on wood is that it was found on the back of a 19th century French armoire and presumed French. While I can't say for certain it is that old, it definitely has a lot of years on it, and I really love the thought of it sitting hidden from view, patiently awaiting re-discovery. The silver painted, serpentine snake itself I think could not be better, with super long tongue and wonderful patterning for the scales, all popping against the dark blue ground. Really a fun piece, with a great presence.

31 1/4" long x 7 7/8" tall x 1/4" thick. Overall very good condition. The wood panel has warped a bit over the years so bows a little, not noticeable once hung. There are holes in the corners that could be used for hanging, or one could add a hanger or wire to the back. There is a piece of the top layer of wood lost at the bottom left corner as pictured and a little paint loss at upper right.