Blind Man's Buff Antique Staffordshire Pearlware Child's Cup

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I've recently fallen deeply in love with English 19th century transfer-ware combining text and illustration, like this pearlware Staffordshire child's cup, c. 1830s-40s, I believe. Staffordshire produced a whole series of child's cups featuring children playing games (leap frog, shuttlecock, playing at marbles, etc.)--this one pictures "Blind Man's Buff" (yes, Buff, meaning "small push, which preceeded Bluff as the name for the tag-like game, also known as Dead Man's Buff.)

The transfer is printed in black with an underglaze painting in red, yellow and green. The scene, taking place on the lawn in front of a brick house, features two different blind-folded girls, arms stretched before them, surrounded by a gaggle of other children, including one taunting boy who, hopefully, is just about to get tagged!

Very good condition with some staining around the lip particularly, but no notable chips at all. There are some dark smudges against the white body, original to the piece.  It appears there may have been a repair near the top of the handle long ago, which was done very well and really disappears. 3 7/8" across at handle; 2 3/4" d and 2 3/4" tall.