Painted Chip Carved Antique Tramp Art Double Frame

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This early 20th century tramp art frame is as much a sculptural object as a functional one, and with a reverse side as good as the front! I really like the combination of strong straight lines on the black-painted structure with the unpainted zig zag chip-carved decoration inside and in between; sharp and folky at once. Quite beautifully and concisely constructed, with nice old nails at each point where the black painted pieces meet. 

12 7/8" l x 10" t x 1" d.  Recesses (picture openings) on backloads side are each 3 3/4" x 5";  3 x 4 1/4" visible from the front. No glass, but a few nails on the backside for holding two panes--or two mirrors--in place. There is some dust buried in the crevices, which I think could be pretty easily vacuumed out with a dust buster! 1Very good condition, with no missing bits or splits. There is an old hanger that sticks up at the top for hanging, I think original to the frame.