Black Forest Carved Swallow Wall Ornaments - Set of Four

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With small nails on their back sides, I think these lovely old carved swallows would be fantastic punched directly into the wall--in a swarm, perhaps, but I think maybe even better with one soaring here, one swooping over there, etc., so as to animate a whole room. From the Black Forest region of Germany/Switzerland, and c. 1900-1920s I believe, and hand-carved and hand-painted. Sold as a set of 4 (plus there are two more with slight damage I am happy to send along if you like.)

Two are blue and two appear to be black but may be a darker blue. Size varies slightly but approx 4 1/4" l x 4 1/2" w x 3/4" d (1 1/16" including nail.) These four are in excellent condition with no notable flaws that I can see other than a tiny spot of greenish paint on one tail feather.