Black Handmade Wooden Cat Bookend

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This sweet old handmade wooden black cat, made into a bookend at some point long ago, is one of my very favorite recent finds; just perfect. It's maker - who signed it J.F. on the front below a few white paint strokes (I am not entirely sure whether these are meant to detail its tail, or paws or ??)--took the trouble to drill holes through the wood in order to stitch through its little pink nose and those great button eyes, and then added the perfect, and perfectly restrained, final touches of white painted whiskers and ears. Really great. 

The cat itself measures 6 3/8" tall x 5 1/8" wide x 5/8" deep and can easily be removed from the bookend (which makes it 3 5/8" deep) screwed to the bottom with two screws.  But the bookend does make for a nice little support for displaying it.