Black and Yellow Painted Old Handmade Toy Gas and Oil Truck

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I found this wonderful truck at a little mom and pop antique shop in Jamesport, Missouri, where, dust-covered, I think it might have been sitting for the past 50 years or so!  My guess is that it dates from the 40s or early 50s and was once part of a longer train, or else connected to a truck cab that would have pulled it, but I think it is perfect just by itself.  With wonderfully hand-painted white letters popping against the black tank and equally perfect yellow carriage on trusty black wheels below, it's honest, direct, with not an extraneous thing about it... simply an excellent thing!

9” long x 4” wide x 3 1/2” tall. Definitely used, with more than a few dings and some paint loss, which add up to a great patina!