Black and White Cat in Tall Grass, Oil on Board Painting, Framed

Regular price $130.00

I never find a cat painting that's not outrageously expensive, so was very pleased and surprised to scoop this one at Brimfield, and I especially like this particular cat for not being of the sort that looks like an easy cuddle! Rather, he (I think) looks very much of the elusive, independent sort, roaming the grounds of what I imagine is a farm (looks maybe like the side of a barn?) as he pleases. And with a really good face! Love that tall honey colored grass he wades through, too, and the very pale blue ground, which I take for for snow.

Sold in the frame I found it in, behind glass, with a bit of glare in photos.  Framed: 12 1/4" x 10 1/4". Painting approx 7 3/16" x 6". It appears it would be quite easy to remove the painting from the frame if desired. Oil on board, in good condition with a couple of spots of paint loss that show white, as documented. Frame is in good condition, with light surface wear.