Push Button Antique Mechanical Boxing Figures Toy

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This is the second of these wonderful old push button boxing toys I've found--how to resist? I really love the silhouettes and also the individuality of each boxer, who butt heads when you push the button at the center, causing their arms to swing as well. Really a charming, super graphic little toy to display like a sculpture on a shelf. 

I am pretty certain these boxers were made by the Weston Toy Company in Weston, CT, which operated from 1859 to 1899--so they may be close to 150 years old. In the interim, one arm of one of them has been replaced (I believe the toy originally came with a couple of replacement arms, which this may or may not be; the paint on it is a much brighter white, which could be product of having been stashed away for a very long time but I'm not 100% sure.) The button at the center is also loose--it works fine, and does not threaten to come detached, but it is no longer stuck to the paper below it, so it wiggles side to side, though it easily set straight.

4 7/8" long x 1 1/16" wide x 4" tall and otherwise in good antique condition, with pretty minor paint loss and some small scuffs and scrapes to the paint here and there.  

*Handmade dice sold separately.