Black and White Boxer Dog Folk Art Wooden Cutout

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Such a fantastically graphic paint job on this old wooden cutout boxer, made even better by the free-hand painting of his eyes and paws. I really love that he is constructed of three pieces--one for the front portion, one for the hind, and then a thin strip at the waist holding them together. I might guess this--and perhaps also the round hole in his cheek--indicate that he was constructed from wood salvaged from something else, but I'm not totally sure; I suppose he might also have one attached to a dowel by which one walked him along! At any rate, just great--almost iconic really--with terrific aging to the paint. I would give him a name and immediately hang him on the wall!

12" long x 13 1/2" tall x 3/4" thick. 1930s or 40s or so I'd think and in great shape. There is one small old chip to the surface of one paw on one side, very minor.