Bitossi Rosenthal Netter Mid-Century White and Green Vase

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This c. 1960s Bitossi Rosenthal Netter vase makes me think of when the grass first starts to turn green after the long winter, and I want to see it on the kitchen counter filled with daffodils. Crisp, cheerful, and decidedly modern, it's a perfect piece for everyday use, but also a great silhouette and pop of color for the shelf. 

8" tall x 4 1/2" across at widest; 3 1/2" across at lip and 3 7/8" across at base. Excellent condition; the photos show some light reflection against the green, and also I think a couple of small white marks that I did not notice when shooting but which rubbed right off afterwards. On one side there are a couple of drips to the white glaze mid-way down, original to the piece.