Antique Peg Bottle Doll with Bisque Head, Real Hair and Long Dress

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I really don't know anything about this antique doll, which is in pretty rough shape but which I think is really quite extraordinary. I found her at an estate sale loaded with Victorian era antiques, so assume she is as well, but I really haven't been able to find another anything like her. 

Clearly, she was carefully and finely made, with bisque head and hands, hand-painted eyes and lips, and what appears to be real blonde hair.. My guess is that she once sat atop a bottle; her head is attached to a wooden peg, which would extend into the neck of the bottle, and her long dress, made of panels stitched together only part of the way down, would cover the bottle entirely. 

There are significant chips to the porcelain on the front of her face, and her dress is pretty tattered, but her head remains firmly attached to her peg body and her arms securely stitched to the sides of her dress--and I think she is beautiful! 

14 1/2" tall with dress; her head measures 1 1/4" tall; from top of head to end of peg is 5 1/8"; 4 1/4" across at arms.