Big Old Metal Tool Box with Chippy Red and Cream Paint

Regular price $80.00

To me, this is about as perfect as an old tool box gets, large enough to hold anything and everything, and with a hard-working life behind it but many years of use in it yet. But what really makes it is its fantastic surface, with red over cream over gray chippy paint on the front and top, and cream on the back and sides, with stenciled numbers too, and rust creeping in around the edges. Yum. 

The front latch still closes tightly, with room for a lock to secure it. The top sits just slightly back from the edge of the bottom, no real matter, and it is structurally in great shape. Some surface rusting to the bottom of the army green interior. One could chip some paint off the surface if you tried, but it is not falling off on its own.

8" t (not including top handle) x 18 1/4" l x 7 1/2"d.