Big, Chunky, Yellow Painted Wooden Candlestick Holders

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These are super folky, extra large, and have definitely been knocked around a bit, but I've got to say I really love them. In part I think it's this great yellow paint, which, together with their scale) makes them feel rather carnivalesque to me, complemented in just the right way by the olive-y green painted bands at center.  I think they'd be great for the backyard picnic table (where there would be no threat of them blowing away!) but they could also anchor a mantle pretty well or lend a certain festiveness to most any table! 

Each measures 10 3/8" t x 4 5/8" widest; 13/16" across at openings (fits a standard taper). Good, very sturdy condition with some splitting to the wood of the bases as evident; and wear/aging to the paint, which is part of what I really like about them. Paint is completely stable, not chipping a bit.