Big Bag of Old Clay Marbles-reserved for KS

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I've really fallen in love with these old clay marbles, and, having sold my first batch, was happy to come across this big gray corduroy bag filled with a whole bunch of them. I'm not an expert by any means (I'm am just obsessed with how beautiful they are), but am certain these are well more than a century old, and it's possible that some of them date to the 18th century. I'd pour them into a pretty bowl and keep it nearby; these are pretty satisfying things pick up and roll around! Or they would be great divided up into small batches and given as party favors or stocking stuffers.

There are 85 marbles by my count averaging about 1/2" in diameter, though they vary. There are small chips in the surface on a handful of them. They come in the old curdoroy bag in which I found them, with knotted shoelace cinch!