Betsy's Mid 19th C. English Turned Bone Bedfordshire Lace Making Bobbin with Glass Beads

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I've become interested in traditional lace making processes and tools--the process of making bobbin lace, especially, I find amazing, and have included a photo of a lace bobbin like this in action. I'm always struck by how modern looking the loops of colorful glass beads (functioning as weights) found at the ends of British lace bobbins like of this one seem, though I know this one, made of bone, dates to the 19th c. It was personalized for "Betsy"-- these were often given as sweetheart and friendship gifts--with her name spelled out in carved and red inked dots on one side, and a neat row of alternating black and red dots on the other. Oh the world knows no end of beautiful tools, large and small, and I do feel inclined to scoop up every lovely personalized one I come across! 

4 1/2" l including beads; bone piece aloe is 3 13/16" l. Very good condition, no losses, just a bit of imperfectness to the application of the red ink/paint.