BEST Smiling Jack-o-Lantern, Naive Charcoal on Paper Drawing, Framed

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(First and second photo shot in different lighting conditions; actual is sort of midway between.) Among my very favorite Brimfield finds earlier this month, this giant smiling Jack-o-Lantern--right in time for Halloween but I also think quite transcendent. I presume it was the product of a child's brilliance, and really a brilliant child I'd say--completely right in conveying just a bit of sinister in that giant grin while still landing on the side of goodness, and deftly imparting this pumpkin with the yellow glow of illumination from within. The placement of those eyes at the far sides of the yellow triangles is really excellent too. Love.

Sold as found in a linen covered frame which I think suits it pretty well and I like the tight framing. Colored charcoal/pastel on paper. Framed: 27 7/8" x 21 5/8". Very good condition, with a little light wear to the linen on the frame, minor.