Beryl Breedlove 1961 Ink on Board Illustration, "Hang on Mary, I'm Coming!"

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I really could not resist this old student drawing on board of a very serious "Bert" to the rescue! I love everything about it, from his clenched jaw and high cheekbones (and very early 60s lifeguard haircut!) to that forward pointing sharp left elbow and life preserver firmly grasped in the other hand. And then curlicues of the shoreline his foot seems to hover just above!  Pretty fun, and a great gift for one's favorite heroic type--or rescuee!

10" x 15". Black ink on white illustration board. Signed Beryl Breedlove and dated August, 1961 on reverse. Overall good condition, with bumps to the lower corners, and a dark horizontal stain near the top.