Ben Franklin, Early 20th C. Wayne Blouch Graphite and Watercolor Drawing

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I've been pulling some things out that I've been sitting on a while, this watercolor drawing of Ben Franklin among them. A pretty great portrait I'd say of a man with no shortage of ideas,  holding up what perhaps is meant to be a lightening rod--even if just a metaphorical one! A pretty terrific patchwork of color on that jacket and vest and tie, too, and billowing pipe, and spectacles that seem to cover just one eye! 

Though unsigned, I know it is by Wayne Blouch, one of a good number of drawings of his I purchased together, and many of which were featured in a collaborative "viewing room" project I did a few years ago with Ricco Maresca Gallery. This and a portrait of Gen. Sol Meredith I am also listing today were odd ones out so to speak, of a slightly different nature than the others, which were more graphic ink and graphite drawings, mostly done on old ledger paper. 

Wayne B. Blouch was born c. 1900 in Bunker Hill, Lebanon County, and went on to teach social science in Elizabethtown, Lancaster County, until his death at the age of 55. A few of the drawings in the group this came from were signed and dated 1910.

7 3/4" x 5 5/8" and in good condition, graphite and watercolor on lined paper. C. 1910.