Sculptural Pre-Columbian Pottery Vessels and Plate - SOLD INDIVIDUALLY

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I had these pieces listed as a group, as I find the interplay of forms, color and surface among them quite beautiful, but it seems time to offer them up individually--including for the fact that, while made as simple utilitarian pieces, I think they're super satisfying now as sculptural objects, too lovely for someone not to be living with and enjoying! I am not at all an expert on pre-Columbian pottery, but purchased these from a New Hampshire-based seller who is, focusing on larger and more singular pieces, so he sold these as a group. 

All in good stable condition. Photos document each. On the white one is written 1829 on one side, I would guess an inventory/collection number. The larger bowl has a hairline crack along one edge. 

Pieces are labeled A, B, C, and D. Please add one or more to your cart them indicate in the notes field at checkout which you would like.

A - Three legged vessel: 3 1/2" t. 

B - White: 4 5/8" t x 2 5/8" w.

C- Wide bowl 6 1/4" d x 2" t.

D - Round bottomed vessel: 4 1/4" t.