Beautifully Faded Old Colorful Wooden Stacking Toy

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It's been a while since I found an old stacking toy that excited me, but this one did, and does, like a colorful modernist tower--found the other day at a little antique shop in Rhode Island. I've always got an eye out for thinly sliced ones like this, but I've not come across another quite like it and am not sure the maker; there is no mark anywhere on it as far as I can see. It has a lot of years on it, with what I find beautiful softening to the once bright primary colors. The threaded topper no longer screws tightly onto the threaded post, but  it doesn't much matter, as it sits on top just fine.  C. 1930s-40s I'd guess.

6 1/8" t x 3 1/8" d. Good condition, with topper sitting rather than screwing on to threaded post so really for display (nice in many configurations) rather than active play.