Beautifully Carved Folk Art Musicians, Presumed Swiss or German c. 1930s - SOLD INDIVIDUALLY

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Like a large folk carving of a woman reading I posted and immediately sold a few weeks ago, I wasn't totally sure about these when I purchased them online-- sometimes it can be so hard to tell! But like her, these turned out to be just  wonderful! They, too, are large--the accordionist almost 11" tall seated--and reflect what I think is a terrific combination of very skillful carving and charming folk sensibility. Don't miss the jointed shoulders, or the carved decoration and diamond and spade shaped keyholes on the back of the chairs, or the peg joints used for attaching the figures to their chairs. Super nicely done, and with a great presence.

I believe these are most likely Swiss / Black Forest, though I am not 100% certain, and I'd think, based on the style of their clothing and the really nice patina to the dry wood, c. 1930s or so.  The accordion of the accordion player can be removed from his grip, and the bell of clarinet (right?) of other is nicely hollowed out at the end. They are in great shape, with a nice weight, and sit up straight in their chairs! The only flaws I see are an old well-done repair to the top back right edge of the clarinetist's chair, a missing pin from the left shoulder of the clarinetist, which seems to have no impact, and a little looseness to the left shoulder joint of the accordianist that one notices when removing his accordion and moving him around but which is not a problem once set in place. 

Accordianist measures 10 3/4" t x 5": w x 4" d. Clarinetist 9 1/2" t x 5" w x 5" d. 

I'd love to see these stay together and think they make a great pair, but am selling individually - price is per figure. Please indicate at checkout which you would like, though I definitely recommend both! If purchasing the pair, I'll reward you with a 10% discount, refunded immediately after purchase.