Beautifully Carved 30 Inch Wooden Whimsy Chain

Regular price $150.00

Of late, I've been looking at a lot of whimsy chains carved from one piece of wood, and though there are others fancier, this is one of the loveliest I've seen--stretching just over thirty inches long and terminating in an elegant ball in cage with a perfectly pointy tip.  I believe this carving has some age to it, with a varnish finish giving it a bit of sheen, and would I think be especially great hung from one nail on on the wall, straight down like a pendulum. Really nice.

Very good condition, with just a bit of wear to the sharp edges of the ball in cage at end. 30 3/4" long x 3/4" wide. The ball in cage at the end measures 5 1/2" long and each link measures about 7/8" long.