Beautifully Bruised Old Stone Fruit Pear + Lovely Black Fig, A Pair

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If there is one thing I have become a connoisseur of, I believe it is stone fruit--I'm super picky, looking at lots and lots of pieces to choose just one, very specifically, and I especially love making perfect pairs, which I believe this fig and pear are, bringing each other out to ultimate effect. And I love photographing them, as evident!

 I’ve been looking for a long time for just the right fig, and finally found it in this one--hard to describe exactly what makes it so, after I’ve rejected so many, but I think it is the combination of carefully hand-carved shape (with carve marks visible), perfectly matte purple-black surface, and very subtle peduncle (that's the tip), which make me really believe it as a mission fig. Perfecto.

I’ve always got an eye out for very believably bruised pieces, too, and this pear is a excellent example. A small worm hole on one side, a couple of dark bruises elsewhere, a few patches of brown spotting, and some veins in the stone visible too. Plus a great short wooden stem and carved dimples on the bottom. A great example.

Actual size. Fig: 2 3/4” t x 2 1/2” wide. Pear: 3” t x 2 5/8” widest. Both in great. condition, early 20th century I believe. Sold as a pair.