Beautiful Small Native Am. Drum, Presumed Cochiti Pueblo, Earlyish 20th C.

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I’ve been admiring Pueblo drums like this for a long time, finding the colors and patterns as well as the construction completely gorgeous, so was pretty excited to find this one the other day. Though I found it in Maine, I am pretty certain it is Cochiti, from the Taos area of New Mexico, and believe it dates to to the earlyish 20th century. The body is wood (likely cottonwood I think), and the drum heads are stretched rawhide, pulled taut by sinew, which is still holding it tight; the drum can still be played and produces a rich sound. The polychrome colors remain super saturated and bold - orange, green, white and blue. To my eye and sensibilities, just about a perfect thing.

4 3/8” diameter x 3 1/8” t. Very good condition, with general wear and one break in the sinew, as documented, but which is so stiff with age it remains tightly held in place, sound and sturdy. Written in pencil, two letters at a time, on several of the white sections is “Maurice”. (I have found a few other examples featuring pencil written names like this, I assume the name of the maker but am not certain.)