Beautiful Old Woven Metal Trivet

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I really love this thing, which I believe was made to be a trivet, woven of cut metal strips of varying lengths, folded over at the ends to hold it together. I believe the metal is tin, and think it was likely a make do creation (I have had one other similar, also found in Maine and perhaps done by the same maker years ago) transforming scraps into something remarkably beautiful and satisfying in a very tramp art sort of way.  (It also of course reminds me of antique kindergarten cut paper weavings.) Useful as a trivet for sure, but I would hang on the wall straight away, and consider it as a sculpture and painting both. 

8 1/2" x 8 3/4" and in very good shape, tightly woven and with all of the folded ends still holding it tight. The surface shows some a little rusting but mostly just darkening with a age and use, very much to the good.