Beautiful Old Wooden Measures, Presumed For Apple Sorting

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I just think these are really beautiful objects--and actually pretty handy too for measuring the diameters of smallish roundish things! I believe they were likely made for sizing and sorting apples, perhaps with the 2 inch round for crabapples, though there are some very small old heirloom varieties too. I can just picture the long ago maker using an old brass stencil wheel with paint the black numbers on them, and there's a hand-written "3" on the back of that one too. Plus the beautiful bleed of the old nails down the front of the pine. 

"3" measures 8 1/8" t x 4 7/8" w x 1 1/2" d. "2-2 1/2" measures 10 5/8" t x 3 3/4" w x 1/2" d. Sold as a pair. Very good antique condition with beautiful dry wood patina.