Beautiful Old Wooden Labyrinth Game with Hand-painted Lid, Presumed Japanese

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I believe this was most likely made in Japan, early 20th century or so, as the manner and decoration reminds me very much of antique Japanese wooden nesting eggs and horse racing games inside treen boxes I've found on a few occasions. I've been having a bit of a moment with beautiful old labyrinth/maze games/puzzles, here with not one by six wooden balls that one wants to get through the opening on one side of "home" at the center. Beautifully constructed, and I find the hand-decorated lid both elegant and playful, with black flourishes that look a bit like mustaches and snake-like spiral at center hinting at what is inside. Rare and excellent.

 4 3/16" d x 1" t and in very good presumed antique condition with a lovely patina to the dry wood.