Beautiful Old "Perfect Handle" Style Flat Head Screwdriver

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A beauty of a screwdriver, and a total joy to grip, with a perfectly shaped handle made heavy by the fact that the steel runs the entire length and breadth of it. And indeed, I believe this is what is known as a “perfect handle” screwdriver, which patented by H.D. Smith Co of Platsville, Connecticut in 1910 or so, but with many other makers to follow century. There is no mark on this one anywhere that I can find but based on the nails and the wood, I do believe this is one of the H.D. Smith originals. Anyway, a lovely, much loved thing that feels special to me and with many years of use left in it.

9 1/8" l x 1 3/16" w x 11/16" d; flathead is 5/16".  Good and beautiful working condition. Wear and some dryness to the wood and a very minor bit of looseness to the wood on one side of the handle, very minor; stable and sturdy.