Beautiful Northwest Coast Fine Plaited Cedar Bark Basket

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So lovely. I'm a huge fan of Northwest Coast native baskets, and one of my favorite things about some of them are their plated cedar bark bottoms--so I was sold immediately upon finding this one, woven entirely of it I believe. To me there is something so satisfying, almost luxurious, about those strips, soft but sturdy, and so gorgeous in their natural color. The darker horizontal bands here I believe are cedar bark as well, dyed a darker brown. Yum.

7 1/4" l x 4 1/2" t x 3 1/16" d. I believe this was once either lidded or made to carry, as there are remants of two handles that knotted to the center of the lip on either side. (Personally, I am very happy to see the beautiful knotting around the lip exposed in all its glory. ) The basket is in excellent condition, without a missing bit that I can see