Beautiful Late 19th to Early 20th C. Shop Blueprints

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I'm finding myself more attuned and attracted to color than ever these days, especially blue; perhaps it's the late days of winter, or maybe its just that there is so much marvelous color out there to be appreciated! These antique blueprints look like a pile of gorgeous old denim or calico to me, with variation among the rich blues that makes one want to keep them all together. Many are labeled Cambridge M.T.S and a few others Rindge Technical School, and all appear to be shop drawings--for practice exercises (turning columns) or the construction of (relatively!) simple objects (screwdriver handle, darning ball, mirror stand, writing tray, stool, etc.) Certainly they could be used instructively now, again, but I also find them just beautiful formally and would be happy looking at them framed up and hanging on the wall. 

Most @ 13 x 10 1/4. Dated between 1895 and 1921. All in good condition in very beautiful shades of cyan.