Large, Finely Woven Grass Winnowing or Fanner Style Basket

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A beauty of a basket, even better in person, where its graceful form, the warmth of its patina and the care invested in its making are all the more palpable. I've become pretty familiar with certain varieties of Native American baskets of the Northeast and Northwest coasts, but am not completely sure of this one, tightly coiled and very finely woven. The form is of a winnowing basket, and I think it could actually be an African American "fanner," made well into the 20th century and used to separate rice grains from husks. (Pounded grains of raw rice were placed in a fanner and tossed into the air or dropped from one basket to another; after the wind blew away the chaff, the rice was ready for cooking.) While I am not entirely sure of this, I know for sure that it was very skillfully made, and that looking at it (and holding it) has a very calming, slowing, meditative effect!

I would guess has a hundred years on it, though it remains in very good condition--clean, dry, and very structurally sound, with a bit of lost stitching just at the very end. There is one tiny green spot on the interior, from where I removed an old green tie that had been used to hang it, and which I have not attempted to clean. 11 3/4" in diameter x 2 3/4" tall.