Beautiful Esther, Early Framed Fraktur Watercolor

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Oh, Esther. Time has taken a bit of a toll, but how happy I am you have endured!

I love everything I buy to sell, but there are there are some things I love especially deeply, and this is one of those! The ruffle on Esther's bonnet from which a tuft of hair falls to her forehead; her wonderful profile with keen looking eye, arched brow,  and pronounced nose; that delicate white hand against the deep blue of her skirt; and this fabulous passage of what looks like pure geometrical delight at left--the perfect complement to the color blocking of her dress. Love, love, love.

Framed: 7" x 5 11/16" x 11/16". Watercolor on paper painting: 4 9/16" x 3 1/4". Tears/loss to the right edge and bottom right corner of the painting as evident, but it appears to have been mounted (I think quite a long time ago) to a backing to stabilize it, and I think is pretty perfect exactly as it is.