Beautiful, Earlyish 19th c. Walnut Framed Small Folk Mirror

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Quite a lovely and special feeling small antique mirror, about which I consulted a friend much more expert than I to confirm my hunches. It is an early one, c. second quarter 19th c., with what I believe is a black walnut frame composed of four pieces with mitered corners,  grooved sides and a perfectly fitted wooden back--all joined by tiny nails plugged in most cases with tiny wooden caps. The mirrored glass itself is quite thick and heavy, and still quite usable as a mirror, with a good bit of crusty built up (great surface!) around the perimeter edges of the mirror and caught in the side grooves, none of which I have not touched. Made with much love and care, with its crustiness attesting to lots of hands having held it, reminding one what a rare and prized thing a mirror once was. Based on the wear, it appears to have been used as a combination wall hung and handheld mirror, perhaps the only mirror in the household.

5 7/16" x 3 1/4" x 5/8” d. Heavy for its size, weighs approx. 6 oz. There is a small hole at the center of one short end where a hanging loop certainly once was attached. Overall beautiful antique condition.