Beautiful Double-Sided Antique Walnut Make Do Gameboard

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I don't think photos fully do justice to this really lovely, very elegant old game board, made long ago from a walnut table leaf. On the front side, the white paint against the smooth dark wood reads almost as silver, with beautifully hand-written numbers, 1-32, at the top left corner of each square. On the reverse, the checkerboard is oriented horizontally, again with hand-numbered squares, with the paint here reading almost pale peach. Of course I really love this board for its make-do nature, but also, with its concise, nothing more than is needed execution, it rather transcends functionality all together.

15 1/2" x 11 3/4" x 7/8" thick. Good condition with a great patina. A few nice old nails along the bottom edge with one patch of old surface cracking/chipping there. I would guess late 19th century.