Beautiful Antique Treen Magic Box!

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I was sold on this beautiful little treen box before I even opened it--looking like a very finely turned beehive bank but round and with a pedestal base. It was to my great delight to learn that is a trick box, too--of the sort be performed! Opening it at the center reveals an empty interior, but opening it a couple of ribs higher--ta da, there is a black orb inside! It is weighted such that that "empty" way to open it is the natural one; it takes a bit more pressure and knowing what one is doing to open it to reveal the ball--so the trick is not readily apparent, even to someone inspecting it, unless one knows how it works. Endless amusement, and a very lovely thing. Mid 19th c. or so, I believe. 

2 3/4" t x 1 9/16" in diameter, very good antique condition.