Bauhaus Era Gunther Wagner Oil Crayons in Original Wood Box

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I love finding beautiful, still usable old art supplies, carrying with them an unknowable but surely brilliant (!) history of use, as well as a future full of possibility.  Based on the logo, these Gunther Wagner oil crayons in great wooden original box date to sometime prior to the late 1930s, and I'd think more likely sometime late-ish 1910s-20s. I of course like to imagine this set was used by a student at the Bauhaus, somehow ultimately finding its way to a antique shop in Lawrence, MA, perhaps by way of Walter Gropius when he came to teach at Harvard! Ha! l I've found some later boxes of them online in tins, but none in a wooden box like this one, which snaps tightly closed at the front for easy travel. 

Much of the label on the top is long gone, but the box is in great shape, with a pretty full lot of crayons inside and a paper insert listing the colors in German. The crayons are still in great usable condition, producing nice rich color. 4 3/4" x 3 3/8" x 3/4".