Ballantine Ale c. 1950 Flat Top Copper Beer Cans

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I bought these cans in homage to Jasper Johns, who made them icons of art history through his Painted Bronze (Ale Cans), 1960, and a series of works on paper based on them.  As the story goes, Bill de Kooning told Johns "you could give that son-of-a-bitch two beer cans and he could sell them," referring to Leo Castelli, to which Johns responded, "what a wonderful idea for a sculpture.” And while of course there is much more to the story than this, with the representation of these cans being perfectly aligned with John's artistic and conceptual interests... but indeed, once he'd made the sculpture, Castelli sold it! 

I can't look at these cans without thinking of John's work, but I must say I do find them quite beautiful in all of their rusted glory. I am selling them individually, perhaps as a fun stocking stuffer for your favorite art student or art historian, but do rather them all three in a row or pyramid. All were opened long ago and empty, though one was pierced on the bottom side rather than the top. 

Each can measures 4 3/4" tall x 2 3/4" diameter. If you have a preference of can, please just make a note of it at checkout.