Bacon and Eggs and Fried Potatoes, c. 1940s-50s Wax Breakfast!

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Maybe it's the freezing temps, but it was beyond me to walk away from a large lot of wax food when I spotted it at one of my favorite antique shops in New Hampshire this week. I'm dividing it up, as perhaps a whole grocery list's worth is more than one needs, and must say it's pretty fun to arrange and photograph in groupings--with these eggs and bacon and potatoes being perhaps my favorite of all.  I know there are some contemporary makers of faux food, but this is the real old vintage deal, which is rare to find, and I find the craft of it all pretty fantastic, especially this bacon, which is wax on both sides with a thin sort of fabric sandwiched between. Iconic and I think quite awesome.

Actual size. Eggs, for reference, measure 7" w x 4 1/8" t.  Bacon shows some cracking where it ripples, but is stable and still looks great. All else in great condition. All in photos included.