Baccae Lauri (Laurel Berries) Antique Hand-painted Apothecary Tin

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Continuing the language theme connecting many of today's listings, what a terrific pair of words is Baccae Lauri, hand-painted in black against cream on this lovely 19th century Apothecary tin. The tin would have once held laurel berries, used since ancient times as astringents, stimulants, and stomachics; applied to insect bites and stings and scalp eruptions(!), and used to treat rheumatism.  I love the phrase's associations with higher learning, too, with the earlier baccalarius altered by wordplay to baccalaureate in order to conform with bacca lauri--laurel berry--because of the laurels awarded to scholars. So, perhaps one might store one's college souvenir in this!

6 5/8" t x 4 1/2" in diameter. Lid fits tight and takes just a little of effort to remove. The whole tin was painted a sort of brown-gray that is really lovely, with cream and black over it. Some paint loss as shown but overall very good condition and clean inside.