Austrian Hiker at Ursulaberg Stamp Collage and Watercolor Postcard

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I've been looking at--and snatching up--lots of hand-drawn antique postcards lately: original, often really wonderful little works of art and time capsules too. This little Austrian masterpiece is for sure among my very favorites I've seen, with the hiker's hat, clothes, boots (those boots!) and chisel carefully collaged of canceled postage stamps! The rest is ink and watercolor, with "Ursulaberg" (a mountain in what was then Southern Austria, which became Slovenia in 1918), written in pencil at the top of the hill. "Uijeh! da staubt's" at the bottom seems to translate to "Ugh! The Dust!" from what I've been able to figure out (??)  

The postage stamp on the back is dated 1908 but it was written and mailed in 1912, from Vienna. I haven't attempted to translate the message!  It's in great shape, bright and crisp, with a few minor stains/smudges visible against the cream stock. Definitely worthy of framing--and I really think collecting a bunch of these to make a salon wall would be super fun and really excellent.  3 1/2" x 5 1/2".