Earlyish 20th Century Large Wooden Folk Art "Auburn" Station

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I have a hard time passing by an old folk art structure when I can help it, and this is a nicely aged, good sized one with lots of character and sweet details, including framed doors and windows, with real glass behind them, a roof painted to look (at least to my eye) as if covered with snow flakes, painted cutout diamonds and stars nailed to the sides of the structure, red painted roof trim on the short sides, and a sky blue painted interior. I believe this is meant to be a train station, and that "Auburn" most likely refers to Auburn, Pennsylvania, served by the Philadelphia and Reading Railway Co. since the late 1850s. There is no sign that this was ever electrified, but one might put a few battery powered candles inside to make it emit a bluish glow!

Dimensions:  14" t x 13 1/8" w x 10 1/8" d. Overall very good condition, very solid and sturdy with no structural issues. The point on one star on one of the short sides is missing; there is a bit of loss to the very top of the chimney; and it appears that there were probably once more wooden crosses in the windows--now just appearing in the front right window.