Asian-themed Tole Painted Antique Tin Spice Box with Six Canisters

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One sees a fair number of old hand-painted (tole, also called Japanned) tin spice boxes like this, but rarely have I seen one painted so elaborately and with such care as this one; opening it for the first time to find those six great spices boxes inside was a very happy surprise! I especially love that large, gold-painted flying bird on the corner of the box, and then that bee flying over water lilies on one of the spice containers. While still great for spices, this would also be terrific for storing teas, or jewelry, or all sorts of other treasures (I might use it for storing quarters and foreign currencies I invariably bring back from travels and lose track of)--and one could put a small lock on it to keep the contents secure. 

Very early 20th century I believe and in very good condition. There is wear around the edges on the exterior box, but very little wear at all to the exterior of the spice boxes, though they have been used as I pulled some cotton out of the inside of a few. The back hinge on one of the spice containers is damaged; it is still totally usable, but the top comes all the way off. Outside box measures 10"l x7"d x4"t. Spice boxes measure 3"x3"x3 1/4" t.