Artwood Toy Co "Woodenettes" Bauhaus Inspired Construction Set

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I could have spent many many hours configuring these fantastic c. 1940s Woodenettes blocks into an endless variety of structures and arrangements to photograph, but stopped myself in order to share them sooner than later! The colors and forms remind me so much of Oskar Schlemmer's fantastic costumes for Berlin's Triadic Ballet in the 20s (one pic included in photos), and clearly these are heavily Bauhaus inspired...the company name is Artwood Toy Co, no less! 

    I have found a couple of sets of these online in museum collections (the National Building Museum Architectural Toy Collection for ex.) but that 's it. I think they're just stunning and perfect for stoking the creativity of the entire family...I think I'd leave them on the table and never put them away!

    A bit like tinker toys, the blocks stack on dowels, configurable any way, and with the larger of the blocks having holes all the way around for building off of in any direction. I love that there is a printed note inside the box noting that wood expands and contracts, and advising sticking dowels in the oven for a couple of minutes if they have expanded--which I would indeed do, as the fit on some is indeed tight. (I also love the note of "Non Poisonous Colors" on the side of the box.)

    The set is in very good shape, with pretty minor scrapes and dings and paint loss, and a few imperfections to the original paint, but really I don't think these have been much used. The box, though, shows wear, has lost part of its side and is stained along the lower edge of the lid, as pictured. Box measures 14 1/4" long x 11 1/8" deep x 1 3/4" tall.